Hi I’m Rachelle, and behind the scenes here at Sugar Shells is also my husband Will.

Why I Decorate Cakes. I piped my first frosting rose when I was 8 years old and have been bitten by the bug ever since. Custom cakes, handmade truffles, and cherry cordials are more than just delicious desserts or themed centerpieces. They’re gifts, a heartfelt way to say “I love you,” and a part of a special memory of a time you got together with those that matter most. We work with every customer individually to create a unique and delicious custom cake for any celebration.

My Experience. I spent some time decorating cakes for a bakery in my late teens, and as a young mother (I have three lovely young children) I began decorating cakes for friends and family. From birthday parties to weddings, I have done a bit of it all. Now, after 8 years of spoiling my own family, I want to share the joy with others.

My Specialties. At Sugar Shells believe if you’re paying for a beautiful cake it better taste as good as it looks! That’s why my specialty is buttercream covered cakes and buttercream piping. Buttercream piping, (piping is when decorations are made freehand rather than tools such as cookie cutters) is almost considered “old-fashioned” today. I still prefer it though because not only does it taste better than the common fondant covered cake, in my opinion, but it also means each cake is truly one of a kind.

No one can deny that fondant covered cakes are beautiful and can give a clean, smooth, and crisp look that just isn’t possible with buttercream. So if that’s the look you’re after, I also decorate cakes using fondant. But remember, at Sugar Shells taste is a priority! So I use a special homemade fondant that tastes better and isn’t as “gummy” as many other fondants.

Custom cakes is what we do here, so don’t hesitate to ask for whatever you have in mind!

The Business. We are a home based business registered with the Office of Environmental Health and the Arizona Home baked Confectionery Goods Program.

When you order a custom cake from us, you can be sure it’s going to be a pleasant and personable experience. We truly appreciate all of our customers, and great care and time is devoted to each order. When you buy through us you not only help support a local business, you better the life for our family.   Thank you for checking us out!


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